Jag XJS – Lets take the engine out PT1

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Right the Jag, where do we start? Now we have managed to get the engine running but its runs rough, so rough that not all the cylinders want to run at the same time! This doesn’t worry up too much we just wanted to know that it runs, back to the question in hand whats first?

We want to start but stripping the car down and seeing what the shell is like. So with needing to sort the engine we decided that is where we are going to start with the engine. Now this is bigger than most engine we are used to working on (4L straight 6)

Today we managed to start stripping the parts off the engine and around the engine bay, the front first the slam panel off so that it make a little more room to be able to get to the radiator. Most of the bolts where surprising easy, but shortly after that I managed to snap 2 bolts holding the electric fan to the front of the car, but never mind it is time to move on. Next up where the hoses to the radiator while these looked in very good condition they were well and truly rust onto the radiators, but naturally with a few choice works it cam off.

Now that a lot of the front end was exposed it was time to get electrics off so various electrics in the engine bay were removed such as injector wiring MAF etc, along with the wiring at the same side of the engine the throttle body and associated pipework was removed too.

On with more plumbing the AC and the power steering lines were removed (note to self drain the power steering fluid before takes the pipes off…)

That was how we spent day 1 on the Jag.

Want to see how we got on?

Till next time stay safe