Its all Go Go Go

Here at Mad Man Racing it has been none stop, just because the track day season is coming to an end it means we have been putting hours into projects, so we thought it was time to update you guys,

The Jag

The MK2

  • The old KR engine is out and a new Turbo engine is going in, we have decided that the chassis is now where we want it to be (nearly) so its now time to address the lack of power, we have decided to go down the BAM engine route out of a Audi TT. Maybe not the easiest engine out of the 1.8t range but it is the best.
  • (EP12 onwards)

The MK4

  • The winter build on the MK4 also includes a turbo.. that it all we can say until the video come out (they should be out soon)

so as you can see we have been busy with project as well as trying to bring new products to the site.